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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
CORRECTION: I looked at the slow motion of your first two videos again and now see that your upper arm looks in line with the line between your shoulders. Your elbow has a considerable angle in it.......

Have you seen the Todd Ellenbecker video on the shoulder, serving and minimizing impingement risk? The angle between the line between your shoulders and your upper arm might be too large in my opinion.
As you note in your first (red type) sentence, my upper (serving) arm is more or less aligned with my shoulders. As my serving arm goes up to the point of contact, I've tilted enough to keep the upper arm aligned with the shoulders. Which is what Ellenbecker recommends to minimize the risk of impingement. Which accords with the fact that I've never had any shoulder problems.

But yes my (serving) elbow is somewhat bent. I suppose that if I was able to tilt a little more, then there would be less bend at the elbow at contact (ie., upper and lower arm more aligned, closer to 180 degrees between upper and lower arm).

Apparently the elbow bend is also within acceptable limits because I've never had any elbow problems either.

Thanks for the video and comments.
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