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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
You are just assuming that's why Borg quit without having any solid proof to back it up. You instead choose to believe a sensationalized myth just because it's more exciting than the real reason. I believe Borg's word over yours, sorry.

Watch this video and educate yourself.
Watch 48 minutes of a love fest for Borg? Like THAT will ever happen! Greatest Sports Champions? Is that a joke? You wanna know what quality great sports champions share? They bounce back from adversity: Jordan took his lumps from and had to learn to beat the Pistons, Celtics before overcoming a title laden Lakers team, and was able to reel off 6 championships in as many finals. The Red Sox overcame a 3-0 deficit in a best of 7 series-first and ONLY time that's been done in baseball-not to mention 86 years of bad history in general and against the Yankees, the team that was up 3-0 against them, in particular, to win that ALCS, the Series and another World Series just a few years later. Ali not only avenged two losses twice over to Frazier and Norton, respectively, he faced two fighters who were both considered to be invincible, TEN YEARS APART, NO LESS, Liston and Foreman, and beat both of them decisively. Now, contrast all of that with Borg, who, like I said, ran home to momma and quit like a little ***** the moment things got tough-not to mention is virtually the only one of the top Slam winners in the modern era to never win the US Open, which I consider the greatest Slam of all. And, we are to believe that he didn't retire because McEnroe kicked his *** and took away his top ranking, why? Because BORG himself told us so(and, like I said, I'm not watching 48 minutes of crap, why don't you tell us where exactly he said that)????? Well, THANK for clearing THAT up!

Oh, brother...
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