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Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
There's no way to air Doha, Brisbane, Hopman Cup & Chennai all live at the same time since many of those matches at different events are being played at the same time. so some are live, some are on tape delay.

2 ladies Brisbane QF's were aired live yesterday, while there was live tennis going on at Hopman.

Ditto with Doha & some Hopman & Brisbane matches.

never ceases to amaze me what fans complain about. In the 90s, not one second of any of these events(nor the majority of all events on tour) was aired on US televison.
exactly. If one really needs to watch all of these small tourneys then you could always buy Tennistv online. It's incredibly expensive to produce live TV. I'd suspect it's even more difficult to do that on TC's budget. Even if they aren't producing and licensing the video feed themselves, but rather paying for one from another country's broadcasting company. I suspect they do that a lot - esp with the European or Asian tourneys. Obviously their production budget is very slight, but the only thing that I'm somewhat surprised about is to why TC can't come to some sort of an agreement with one of the European broadcasting companies to where they'd exchange feeds from some American tourneys they produce for some of the smaller European or Asian tourneys that TC wouldn't ordinarily broadcast. Perhaps they can, but maybe they aren't making enough ad revenue/ratings wise on those smaller tourneys to cover their cost to pay for the video feed, and then pay to have a couple commentators in studio and then pay some PAs.

My only real complaint would be that I'd like to see some type of studio show. Something of a tennis equivalent of what one would see on say Baseball Tonight Even if just once a week on a Sunday night or something during a week where there isn't a bigger tourney. Some highlight and analysis type show. Just an alternative to the basic fluff stories that the ATP World Tour Uncovered show rolls out.
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