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Gauge of playtest string - 16g
Tension used for playtest - 46
Regular string set up Solinco Barbwire 16L @ 46
Racquet brand and model used for test Head 25th Anniversary Prestige MP

Power of test string - Solid power for a poly. Not too springy or uncontrollable. Good combination with lower powered racquet.
Feel Nice feel around the net on touch shots, drop shots an angle volleys.
Spin There was enough spin for my game.I hit flat off both sides and didn't feel as if I was missing needed spin on groundstrokes. I could appreciate the spin on my kick and slice serves.
Durability Durability has been very good. Very little notching after about 12 hours.
Playability Duration Still playable after about 6 sets of doubles and a couple groundstroke sessions. Very good for a poly.
Control Control was about average. I did not feel any loss or gain of control with this string.
Tension recommendations Should be strung loose in dense string patterns, 46-48 for my stick. I could see how this string could be springy/spongy in an open pattern if strung to loose however.
Compare to the string you use most often It plays similiarly to Barbwire. I think the Barbwire is a little more crisp and maybe not quite as powerful.
If you have played with the original Cyclone, please compare N/A
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