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Have a good time but watch your budget. Australia is a great place but expensive eg. Macca's Big Mac meal is around $9 AUD compared to about $6 in the USA. That's because hourly wage rates in Aust are very high. Basic waitress wage start at about $18/hour. Good news is tipping is not expected in Aust so don't tip!

Also many goods are imported into Aust (just check out racquet and string prices) so that makes everything so expensive. We don't care because we all get paid so much. Basic jobs pay around $60k a year so we live well. Also, with the Aust dollar buying around $1.04 USD we love to travel to the US - I get over every 2 years and come back loaded with racquets, string, shoes, clothes etc!!

However you will still have a fantastic time as Aussies are very relaxed and friendly and will show you a good time. Aussie
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