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Default A question on motivation.

So there's this 16 years old boy who has been improving at a very slow rate over the last year. Particularly in the areas of footwork/footspeed and endurance, where there's practically very little improvement.

Is using the method of "if you achieve X in Y months then you get Z reward" the wrong way to motivate him, or at the very least it will not work. Since by this age, if he doesn't have enough intrinsic/internal motivation to put in 100% on/off the court, then basically "this is" the most that he can be in tennis?

Incidentally, I am not training him to win state or even playing college tennis, though he's good enough to play d3 single now. I just would like for him not to lose 10/12 matches this coming high school season. He's close enough to the other kids to win 6/12 matches.

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