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NadalAgassi with more attacks on Vilas. Vilas has won the French Open, Monte Carlo, Rome and Hamburg. He also beat Borg on clay in 1980.
While Federer has done better at both the French Open, has won more Masters equivalents on clay than Vilas, is about 10 times more competitive with the clay GOAT Nadal than Vilas is with the #2 or #3 clay courter of all time Borg, and dominates everyone not named Nadal in his prime in the clay events he plays much more than Borg as evidenced by all the times Vilas entered the French in his prime and didnt even reach Borg (and it certainly wasnt due to the stellar clay field of the late 70s, lol). You dont even know the meaning of an attack. Pointing out the obvious, Federer > Vilas on clay is not an attack, it is reality.

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