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Originally Posted by webbeing View Post
So there's this 16 years old boy who has been improving at a very slow rate over the last year. Particularly in the areas of footwork/footspeed and endurance, where there's practically very little improvement.

Is using the method of "if you achieve X in Y months then you get Z reward" the wrong way to motivate him, or at the very least it will not work. Since by this age, if he doesn't have enough intrinsic/internal motivation to put in 100% on/off the court, then basically "this is" the most that he can be in tennis?

Incidentally, I am not expecting (or hoping) he'll win state or even playing college tennis, though he's good enough to play d3 single now. I just would like for him not to lose 10/12 matches this coming high school season. He's close enough to the other kids to win 6/12 matches.

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Is your son taking lessons and participating in clinics on a regular basis? Does his clinic include off court fitness training? If the goal is to win 50% of the high school matches, 3-4 practices a week may be enough. You may ask him to play more tournaments. Tournament play is the best training for my 16 year old son. Rewarding him for winning matches might motivate him to train harder.
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