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How Nor Cal are we talking about? Redding?

The more you spend the easier it is to string, or at least appreciate your machine when you try stringing on a lower machine. Baiardo is a great machine, but not the BEST machine, it's an ergonomically comfortable machine, but without those features, it's just a plain machine with decent clamps. Ease of use, a Babolat Star 5 or Prince 6000.

You could pay a USRSA MRT to teach you, but if you are adventurous like most of us here, you can easily learn to string. There are a ton on videos and resources on the internet on stringing. You can request instruction material from the USRSA, for free and not take be obligated to take the test. PM me and I'll send you a copy.

There is a sticky at the top of group, read through all of the links, to get yourself started.

Good Luck!
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