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Gauge of playtest string
Tension used for playtest
Regular string set up:
- I normally use pacific classic natural gut strung low 50's

Racquet brand and model used for test:
-Volkl Power Bridge 10 mid

Power of test string:
- this string was very powerful for a poly I thought, I was quite easily landing the ball close to the baseline and I was actually able to play defensively fairly well without a lot of effort.

- it felt fairly soft. About like rpm blast. Nothing more to say here.

- this is where I thought the string was lacking. It did not provide the spin that I like when I use it poly. It provided some but not comparable to alu power rough or rpm blast.

- very comfortable. I think this could be used by someone that has mild to moderate arm issues.

- durability was fine, this was not even close to breaking (~10 hours total)

Playability Duration:
- it played well for roughly 4 hours. After that everything started to sail and it started to feel harsher.

- very good control. Volleys were the most difficult to place accurately probably due only to the fact that I am accustomed to natural gut. Every other stroke was fine.

Tension recommendations:
- I strung mine at 46lbs and I think that I would recommend this between 48 and 50lbs. 46 felt a little too springy.

Compare to the string you use most often:
- Compared to Pacific classic natural gut this string imparts slightly more spin, surprisingly about the same power, but feels noticeably stiffer. This string felt similar to a combination of natural gut and polyester. It did not provide incredible spin as some polyesters can but it did provide some power and definitely more comfort than most polyesters.

Overall: I would use it again, 8/10.

If you have played with the original Cyclone, please compare:
- I have not.
Wilson 6.1 95s 16x18
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