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Originally Posted by Gonzalito17 View Post
Maxx i guess it means the bag is over ten years old, Gambill's been off the scene for about a decade now. Did the bag you saw say "Professional Team" on it? Wondering if Prince issues "Professional Team" bags for retail sale.
The bag I saw is exactly the same as the one you pictured. Same big 12pk size and "Professional Team" printed on the side. I would not be surprised or disappointed if the bag was indeed originally made available for retail sale. I think the "Professional Team" imprinted on the bag is no different to labelling "Tour" or "Tour Pro" on the side of a midsize tennis racket. Nothing about the construction of the bag indicates it was of a custom nature intended only for pros.

The business model of the store that was selling this bag is to peddle remaindered/unwanted stock sourced from South-East Asian distributors. I'm guessing the Prince stuff was part of consignment from those parts and Prince US wouldn't have had any idea about the Asian Prince distributor's actions. Heck, it may not have even been the distributor but other Asian retailers/middlemen whom the Aussie retailer was dealing with.
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