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Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
There's no way to air Doha, Brisbane, Hopman Cup & Chennai all live at the same time since many of those matches at different events are being played at the same time. so some are live, some are on tape delay.

2 ladies Brisbane QF's were aired live yesterday, while there was live tennis going on at Hopman.

Ditto with Doha & some Hopman & Brisbane matches.

never ceases to amaze me what fans complain about. In the 90s, not one second of any of these events(nor the majority of all events on tour) was aired on US televison.
Time in Doha and Australia are not at all the same. Doha is live, while most of the AO tournaments are on delay for no reason. The mena's AO matches are not broadcast at all, and the Hopman Cup matches are being aired on select days, not at all on others.

I am loving the Doha coverage, but just concerned that the channel is relinquishing/exchanging live coverage instead of expanding. Considering I have around 5 ESPN channels in my sports package, it is not unrealistic too expect a tennis channel to air live tennis all day...if there is live tennis on all day.
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