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Originally Posted by OneTennisParent View Post
Not being sarcastic, but I don't understand what could be annoying or distracting. I have a mount that hangs on the back fence. Takes 30-sec to put up prior to warm-up, and I walk away. The entire thing is matte black so there are no distracting colors or reflections, and it doesn't move. I don't stand on the sideline panning back and forth with a handheld. After the match, I take it down and move on.

I don't know many high-level players that aren't videotaped to study technique anyway, so it wouldn't be new to them.

Re using the video to gain advantage over an opponent; none of the juniors I know are finished products. If you spend time analyzing opponents, you waste time needed to develop you own player. Also, I am already watching and making notes while I chart the match. If I can't find a hole in the opponent while watching, I am not going to have an epiphany while reviewing the video.
You are asking for people to endorse your stand but you are not the only person out there videotaping. Some are distracting, panning back and forth - not everyone is Mr. Perfect Videographer. Per your second point, yes it wouldn't be new to high level players but it doesn't mean it's right. You are only seeing this from one side. Not everyone wants their kid videotaped, it's that simple. Not every kid wants a camera on them.

I understand video can be helpful/useful all that, but don't see the need to approve widespread videotaping. Besides, it's not going to make or break a player. There's just something different with the one on one nature of tennis. I just find it creepy when some person I don't know has so much footage of my kid.

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