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Originally Posted by OneTennisParent View Post
That's why I keep asking for a lawyer who can file a suit alleging violation of our First Amendment rights. Then they would have to start spending money to defend the case, or allow video. They love money too much to take it to court.
As much as I empathize with you, and although I am not lawyer, I don't see how this is a first amendment case. It's a USTA rule, not law passed by the government. I think they have as much might to say you cannot videotape as to say you cannot coach your kid or that you only get two serves. As long as they are not violating anyone civil rights then I think they can ban videoing, by parents or anyone affiliated with the player.

That said, I think it's dumb. Every other sport has sidelines full of parents video taping every game. And if the event is held on public courts, then any random stranger, including the aforementioned pervs, CAN videotape the kids, and there is nothing they can do to stop them. So really, if the true concern is stopping pervs, than this rule stops everybody but the pervs.

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