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Time in Doha and Australia are not at all the same. Doha is live, while most of the AO tournaments are on delay for no reason. The mena's AO matches are not broadcast at all, and the Hopman Cup matches are being aired on select days, not at all on others.

I am loving the Doha coverage, but just concerned that the channel is relinquishing/exchanging live coverage instead of expanding. Considering I have around 5 ESPN channels in my sports package, it is not unrealistic too expect a tennis channel to air live tennis all day...if there is live tennis on all day.
yes it is woefully unreasonable. Though not more so than comparing a giant corporation like ESPN to a small independently owned company like TC. For starters, ESPN has full cable clearance on basic packages. Until recently, only DirectTv offered full clearance. TC was being strong-armed by Comcast because Comcast owns both the Golf Channel and NBC Sports Channel/Versus. BTW neither of those channels banks revenue according to the Sports Business Journal. So with golf and hockey being more popular than tennis in the US you can easily discern TC isn't making any coin either. Do you really think ESPN makes any money off of tennis? No. It's there because they need programming to fill their networks. If it made money, A) a major wouldn't be on ESPN2 while ESPN shows reruns of Sportscenter...and B) it's coverage of it's other tourneys wouldn't often be on tape delay - getting bumped for women's college and pro basketball games.

So if the Sports Business Journal is to be believed, TC brought in around $100M last year.....aaaaannnd they didn't turn a profit.

Tennis Channelís annual revenue is around $100 million and it is close to being profitable, insiders said.

Its (TC's) owners shopped the channel two to three years ago, but found no takers, in part because of its small distribution, sources said

now that that TC won it's lawsuit against Comcast for discrimination and what should entail a subsequent payoff, they should be able to sell it to one of the cable companies eventually. That could be good or bad programming wise. If a cable giant buys it for a vanity project and is willing to put money back into it, it will be good. If profitability is paramount then things will probably remain status quo. BTW fun fact. It appears both Agassi and Sampras are investors with TC.
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