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Originally Posted by tball2day View Post
There are some players that do not like to be videotaped, this isn't just a parental decision.

While OP only wants to tape his daughter, I know many people use that cover to tape opponent in actuality.

Videotaping may be helpful but parents that do it can be annoying and a huge distraction.

Frankly, when your kid is a really good player, it is surprising how many parents decide that is the match to tape.
I think it's more that people want to videotape their player playing a good player as there is more to learn. Watching videotape of your player beating an opponent 0,0 might be fun, but there's not too much to learn from it. Watching the videotape of you player lose to a better player definitely yields more insight onto your own player.

I suspect there are players and parents in all sports who don't appreciate being recorded; however, tennis appears to be unique in taking a stand against it, at least in some sections or locales. Which I think is a shame because it is probably the sport that has the most to gain from it, for several reasons, including in that it is also unique in its prohibition against coaching and one of the few sports where kids "officiate" there own matches.

In the first regard, having videotape is much better then the coach saying "remember when it was 30-0 in third game of the first set and you.." after the match.

With regards to cheating, videos cameras can serve as a deterrent. In fact, each section should have a supply of a couple dozen Bloggie or flip video cameras and mounts and should have two cameras mounted, one each side, for each round of sixteen match and above at a L3-L5 tournaments.

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