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Originally Posted by webbeing View Post
....Is using the method of "if you achieve X in Y months then you get Z reward" the wrong way to motivate him, or at the very least it will not work. Since by this age, if he doesn't have enough intrinsic/internal motivation to put in 100% on/off the court, then basically "this is" the most that he can be in tennis? .....
Generally, children in any years if get used to rewards after have done something, have higher demands every next time because they are not satisfied any more with same prize for same work. And get spoiled.

I do the opposite, I present my kids what they will miss or lose if they do not do something, with last intention to build in them feeling for responsibility for their acts as well as making own decision. For expl. it is better to say kid that if do the drugs he will go in jail or die, than if you do not do drugs I will buy you a car.

In tennis if there is no motivation for wining, there is no reward which will compensate that.
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