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More than the performance itself, I am interested in observing the dynamic between the audience and musician(s). There are moments dating back to 1,000 plus years ago that I would like to observe.

I would like to see moments where audiences are responding to something raw or new. Staying with the rock & roll theme of this thread:

Early blues:

Son House
Charlie Patton
Tommy Johnson
Robert Johnson
Louis Armstrong and the Hot Fives

Early rock:

The Beatles in Hamburg
Jimi Hendrix in London
The Doors on the Sunset Strip
The Doors in Miami
The Grateful Dead during their first audience experiments in San Francisco

I think things became less interesting as audiences developed expectations about how they "should" react, instead of being stunned by something new, or being overwhelmed by the moment. Obviously, such moments become less frequent as time progresses.

What are the seminal moments in music history?
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