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I play tested another racquet I've been trying, the Wilson BLX 95 16x18.

Gauge of playtest string

Tension used for playtest

Regular string set up
RPM Blast 17g/ VS Power 17g

Racquet brand and model used for test
Wilson BLX 95 16x18

Good power. Not as powerful as it was on the Donnay P1 obviously. But it had juice I could use when I needed it.

Average. There's good bite and pocketing but the feedback isn't there. So when I hit slice dinks at the feet of volleyers or drop volleys, the balls did end up where I wanted them to go, but I couldn't "feel" there. No worse than any other co-poly though either. Since this was an 18g string, I'd hate to play with a 16g or even the 17g.

Great spin for control. I could kick more than halfway up the service line on serves when needed. Good action on all shots. Only thing is I can't feel is the topspin flicks I hit to pass net rushers. The bite on the ball does roll well though. I think 18g is definitely the right string for me with this racquet.

It's fairly comfortable with this racquet. The Donnay P1 I had a bit of a sore arm but I was also playing harder against bigger hitters.

Playability and durability:
Pretty good so far. 6+ hours and still playing well. Minimal notching.

The combination of spin and power makes this string quite good to play with.

Tension recommendations:
Still need to experiment but I'm comfortable with the 40 lbs +1 or 2 lbs for mains. The initial 15 mins the string doesn't play as well but once it's broken in, it played better and better. There's good spin to keep the balls in and I like the lower power of

Compare to the string you use most often:
I like the string @ 18g. I do want to experiment using it as a hybrid with natural gut to get back some touch and feel.

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