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Originally Posted by Flash O'Groove View Post
Oh but you lack consistency here, my dear Knight of the Rosewall! The man continued to win majors (open slams or pro majors) until 1972. He was surely still in his prime! By the way, Wikipedia wrote (and I'm not sure to believe that) that Laver stand 80-63 in pro and open era matches against Rosewall. However, half of Rosewall's wins happened in 1963, when Laver just turned pro and was still adapting. Their following H2H is 68-30, form 1964 until 1976 (with only 4 matches from 1973 to 1976, including 3 wins from Rosewall, who is a testimony of his longevity).
Flash, please avoid to agree with Phoenix who claims that Rosewall was in his prime as long as he won majors or even as long as he reached big finals. No player in history was in his prime at 37, not even Tilden. Rosewall was great regarding longevity but SURELY past his prime after 1965, especially after 1971 (his last year as possible No 1).
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