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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Yes, Flash, Laver did not compete in the pro ranks through 1962. On the other hand they usually count Laver's first GS and his many amateur titles as a Rod's plus.

It's a fact that Laver was not an early developer as Rosewall was (and also not as late a champion as Rosewall was). Therefore I'm not sure if an earlier pro Laver would have taken pro majors from Muscles.

Prisoner did not count the amount of tournaments won. I would add it.

Laver's a t least 200 wins are awesome and a big plus in his record.

On the other hand we should consider that Rosewall turned pro earlier than Laver did (therefore more amateur wins for the Rocket) and that in Rosewall's pro career there seldom were years with many pro events while Laver in his prime was lucky that in those years there were many pro tournaments. But still Laver would be the all-time tournaments winner in any case.
But in this case everybody agreed to not take into account Laver's amateurs slams, for obvious reasons. As good these reasons are, it remains that Laver didn't compete on the pro tour for as long as Rosewall did. And given Laver level, AND his H2H against Rosewall, I could really see him steal some of the pro majors. As for the number of pro events that were available for Rosewall, I think that we only take into account the pro majors here. Apart a French pro (who could probably have been won by Kenny), there was as many pro major available for Rosewall than for Laver.
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