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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Tilden has an awesome record (14 majors won, at least 161 tournaments won) which would have been even greater if he had travelled to Australia, to Wimbledon 1922 to 1926, if French Championship would have come earlier.

It's not too bold to speculate about three or four Grand Slams (true GSs) for Tilden.

Perhaps competition was not quite as tough as Gonzalez, Rosewall and Laver faced.
Yes but that is so old that we barely know anything about the conditions back then. At least for Gonzales, Laver and Rosewall we know in which condition they played, we know which opposition they faced. For Tilden, we only know that he spanked a certain Mr. Johnson. If we take into account only the majors titles count and the potential titles count, why not add Fred Perry, Sears, Renshaw to the list? They also won a lot of tournaments, and they could probably have won more of them if they had played more of them.
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