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Originally Posted by jonnythan View Post
Blu-ray, not DVD. And the reason is that Blu-ray quality is much, much better than even the best online streaming. If you don't care about picture or sound quality it doesn't matter.

Also, Netflix and other streaming services tend not to have newer movies. Dark Knight Rises? Avengers? Ted? Total Recall? Trouble With The Curve? None of these are on Netflix.
I've barely seen any movies the last 4 years since my little guy was born but good info. Thanks!

Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
Legal issues can effectively get AppleTV by taking an old Mac Mini and installing Plex and Transmission.

It takes a little amount of work, but there are plenty of 'how-tos' on the web, and you are able to watch pretty much
You got a spare Mac Mini I can borrow?
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