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Default My New Racquet Dilema

OK, just when I thought I was fine with the Wilson Juice 100, soon to be getting the Steam 99s a new development takes place…..
I switched to a one hand backhand. It just kind of happened. I was playing a friendly singles match and started fooling around with it and noticed how much more “natural” it felt to me. Plus, I was getting good pace on it too…something I rarely get with the 2 hander. So I stuck with it for 3 matches now and it’s better than I thought and getting better. BUT……I started noticing a little elbow soreness after playing each time. Nothing like TE, but I don’t want to take any chances and want to stick with the one hander now for good.
So…. I think I need to stay away from the light, evenly balanced tweeners that need poly.

Here are my new desired specs that hopefully won’t aggravate my elbow on the one hander and also enhance it...

-11.5-11.8 oz static weight
- 4-6 pts headlite
-95-98 “ headsize
-flexible…stiffness 65 or less
-not “too much frame” for my 4.0 level

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated as usual…..

Some initial ideas I had were:

Donnay Pro One 97
Yonex VCore 95d
BLX 6.1 Team (adding weight to the handle to make more HL than the stock 2 pts)
to see what I'm up to lately:

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