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Originally Posted by tball2day View Post
You are asking for people to endorse your stand but you are not the only person out there videotaping. Some are distracting, panning back and forth - not everyone is Mr. Perfect Videographer. Per your second point, yes it wouldn't be new to high level players but it doesn't mean it's right. You are only seeing this from one side. Not everyone wants their kid videotaped, it's that simple. Not every kid wants a camera on them.

I understand video can be helpful/useful all that, but don't see the need to approve widespread videotaping. Besides, it's not going to make or break a player. There's just something different with the one on one nature of tennis. I just find it creepy when some person I don't know has so much footage of my kid.
You must not have read my reply to Tennis5. I always defer to the request of the parent or player. I just don't want to have to chase everyone down and seek permission ahead of time. People are much more likely to refuse if asked. If you just hang it and walk away, nobody says anything. I have been asked maybe 5 times not to tape when I just hang it up.

I'll even concede your point that video won't make or break a player, but it undeniably is beneficial. Isn't that the USTA's charter... to improve tennis?

Also, the parent that with the handheld that pans back and forth is protected under USTA pseudo regulations. Every ref will state that you can video your own player if you don't include the opponent. If you say you are not taping the opponent, you do what you want. These videographers can be annoying... sometimes intentionally, but the USTA won't do anything. Wouldn't you rather it be a static fence mounted unit?
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