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Videotaping in a concert and some of the professional sports is often prohibited. There are signs everywhere reminding you on this. I don't recall reading any rules in Friend at Court that are about videotaping a match. We have to sign a liability waiver before our kids play their first match. Oftentime that form also contains a section that we give the tounament the right to take photo and video of our children. Nobody said a word against a gentleman who took pictures of players, boys and girls, as well as spectators during the Winter National and posted them on Tennis Talk.

I don't think that kids who like to cheat or of bad sports would like to be taped. Some parents may read too much about illegal videotaping of professional football team practices. My son lost to one of his friends more than a dozen times in a row in the past 3-4 years, knowing exactly his friend's strength and weakness. He finally beat that kid early this year because he has improved his game more than his friend.

BTW, the Dayton national open taped every match and sold DVD for about $60 each match to the parents. This is a really good way for tournament directors to increase their revenue.

For the kids who want to play college tennis, the best recruiting video is to show how you chase down balls or finish off a point with a volley winner.
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