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Volkl o10 295 or Volkl PB10 295 - put a little lead a 3&9 o'c and counter with lead on handle to your desired balance and you are good to go. Use soft strings in the mains - gut, or multi, or syn gut with a poly cross if you like poly spin. Also string moderately low - mains 48-56 lbs with poly cross tensioned at main tension minus 4 lbs. I would put at least 4 grams on the head - maybe 3 at 3/9 o'clock and 1 at noon.

Volkl are good quality rackets - very precise control and the lower tension with soft mains will give you plenty of power. Also, Volkl are excellent for comfort.

Advice from an old guy: if you are having elbow pain, take a few days off and work on some wrist, forearm, biceps and triceps exercises to strengthen the area below and above the elbow. Also, ice the elbow after you play.
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