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Originally Posted by okaythen View Post
hi guys so about how much does it cost to build a hard court? with and without lights.

I am searching for my new house and I am also thinking about maybe building a court with it. So do you need a permit? Noise level distance etc to your neighbors? how big of lot do you need and how much does it cost? also if you have additions to your house like new porch, extra bathroom etc it will add value to your house...but maybe not for tennis court since it's not common? maybe will drop the house's value or people won't even consider buying your house coz it got a court? anyone got experience in this? thanks for your help
It depends really on your location and all the zoning or homeowners assoc you have to deal with...but a price for a single Hard Court built for a residence can run you from $40,000 to $60,000 (its a huge spread depending on so many factors).

I know some folks who have done it cheaper (around $20,000) doing much of the work themselves.....Har Tru can also run a bit less as well (maybe $5,000 per court less).

And just like a pool - NO you will not get the money back in fact its possible for many buyers a Tennis Court is a negative, A house in our area had a hard court and when it was sold 2 yrs ago the new buyers tore half of it out and built a basketball court on what was left.

Lights are brutal as well - cheap crappy ones are $10,000+ A good set of lights installed can run as high as $30,000.
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