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Originally Posted by Alohajrtennis View Post
As much as I empathize with you, and although I am not lawyer, I don't see how this is a first amendment case. It's a USTA rule, not law passed by the government. I think they have as much might to say you cannot videotape as to say you cannot coach your kid or that you only get two serves. As long as they are not violating anyone civil rights then I think they can ban videoing, by parents or anyone affiliated with the player.

That said, I think it's dumb. Every other sport has sidelines full of parents video taping every game. And if the event is held on public courts, then any random stranger, including the aforementioned pervs, CAN videotape the kids, and there is nothing they can do to stop them. So really, if the true concern is stopping pervs, than this rule stops everybody but the pervs.
Any restriction of expression (including video) is a violation of our first amendment rights. It need not be a law. If you were entering a football game wearing the opponent's jersey, and were refused admittance, that would be a violation of your first amendment rights. If Burger King refused you service because you wore a McDonald's hat, you would have a case. Both examples are of company, or individual restriction, not govt. laws.

But I fully agree and applaud your pointing out the idiocy of preventing parents from full-court video, while allowing anyone to take pictures of players with cameras, or cell phones. One venue I was at recently has signs up at the bathroom stating that it is a violation of federal law to enter the restroom with any device capable of capturing images, including cell phones. However, they offer no solution re what to do with your device when you enter. I guess you should just trust in your fellow man and leave them outside.
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