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As I will be turning 45 this coming September, I need to take serving more seriously. I've gotten away with a 3.5 serve for a long time and it's been because of mental toughness and speed. I noticed I fell maybe 5 or 6 times at the end of last year and I hadn't fallen 6 times in 10 years. So I'm sure I've lost a step. So I need to get a few more than 2 free points per "tourney" with my serve. I mean the kind of free points that I earned and not the ones where they were too stupid to put me on defense and tried to hit them for winners and hit them off the back fence. So my goal is to get a better serve to offset what I may lose in speed.

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Post your New Years Tennis resolutions for 2013 here. You should tacitly relate it to adult league and tournament tennis so I do not get the snarky, "it does not belong here" reply.

As a newly minted 4.5 I want to:

1) Drop another 20 pound this year so I can play some 40+ singles
2) Play at least 15 league matches between the three teams I am invited to play on.
3) Look like I at least belong on the court with legitimate 4.5's in every match this season.
4) Play in 2 tournies at the 4.5 + level

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