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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
if nadal were slightly below par, I could see something like the FO 2009 4R match happening, only kuerten with better movement than soderling and lesser firepower .... essentially nadal getting over-powered ...

prime to prime, IMO, kuerten would do well in the rallies ..... he wouldn't have that much of trouble with nadal's action on his FH as he'd probably have with his defense and determination

nadal would be ruthless and take every chance he'd get as a result of kuerten's inconsistent play .... nadal would still win the majority of the matches, but kuerten would win a few as well ....... bar borg, I don't see anyone consistently challenging nadal on clay as kuerten could ....
Almost my thoughts exactly.

I actually think Kuerten has more firepower on clay than Nadal. What are your thoughts on that abmk?
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