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Originally Posted by LittleTinGoddess View Post
They may sound like a dumb question, but I don't understand why pros don't sneak into net when 90% of the time their opponent can't do anything besides block the ball on the first serve and then the return floats to the middle of the court. With the serves the top players have, couldn't they easily do this? It's basically a shortcut to winning the point.
It may seem like that, but I would argue that you have it backward. Returners are floating the return back because the server isn't serving & volleying.

If the server did follow it in, you can be damn sure the returner would step up & take a crack at it. But since there is no pressure, why risk it?

Federer was probably the first to realize this vs Roddick. No need to risk missing an aggressive return when blocking it back is (1) higher percentage and (2) restarts the point from a neutral position.
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