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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
I think the PB10 L is a better idea than the Organix model. The PB is 5 pts headlite and the Organix only 3. But a mjor negative is the Volkl gripshape. I would have to either mod it myself or replace it with an Attiva grip.

About the elbow...yes I will be careful. I JUST switched and am using my right arm in a new way, so I have to be careful of not doing too much too soon with it.
FWIW, I own the PB10 295 and have demoed the X10 295 multiple times (meaning I have used it for several weeks). The differences in the patterns has a significant effect on feel, and comfort. I much preferred the feel of the X10. Grip shape aside, the Bio Sensor dampening in the X10 grip is one of the few racquet technologies that actually works -- and the effect is not subtle -- it is very effective. I also think the X10 is slightly more stable than the PB10 in stock form. While there are a couple of points difference in the balance of the two racquets on paper, it wasn't a factor on the court. I play Fischer and Pacific but will be buying a couple of X10 295's if and when they go on sale. Of course, both Volkl 295's are great platforms for customization.
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