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Default 1st impressions

Yesterday was a wash as there was a bit of a ball machine fiasco at the club so today it was outdoors in balmy 40 degree weather with one at the public courts.

Current Racquet: Prince Speedport Tour w/string hole inserts, BeastXP string at 60# - 3.5 player - baseliner who hits flat - 1hbh and allergic to volleying

Warmed up with my racquet for 5-10 minutes and then started the rotation.

Donnay Pro One 16*19 -
On paper this should be the winner since it has very similar specs.
Likes Played well, similar in strengths/weaknesses to my current set up and really felt comfortable with the slice which I use quite a bit. Forehand was consistent. Easy on the arm which is nice as I recently hyperextended my elbow. I could really get around the outside of the ball and angle hit a short angle well.
Dislikes Each time I hit with a Donnay it just feels odd on contact, I probably have to give it more time adapting to the Xenecore.
Result Extended playtest coming up on Sunday that will include some serves and returns

Technifibre TFlash 315 Speedflex
Likes Oh My! This racquet became the early leader in the clubhouse after a couple minutes of hitting. A bit thicker beam and stiffness but I liked that it felt like my Prince but had a bit more depth/pop on the forehand.
Dislikes Slice - I'll have to put some time in to get used to the thicker beam and not floating it. If I recall the TW playtest had similar comments
Result Moving on to another ball machine session - if I had to buy today, it would be the choice.

Donnay Formula 100
Recap: This was just too light for me when I hit, reminded me of the Prince Warrior 100 in that it is great if you like to customize. I felt like I had to take big cuts to really generate pace, although had more access to spin and good depth on my shots. If I had excess $ and could do things like put a leather grip on it, it'd be fun to play with and I could see me using it for doubles - but even then my best shot is my forehand.
Result: Don't call me, I'll call you

Babolat PDR GT
Recap: Hits a good ball, but just felt hollow when connecting. Good shot or bad it all felt the same. I was surprised that I noticed the swingweight being a little higher than the Prince. Some of my shots just had odd spin, I really had to hit it correct or it became a well paced junker (maybe not a bad thing). Also floated the slice and would need some time to transition although the thicker beam allowed me to have more confidence in hitting a traditional one-hander.
Result: Probably give it another 10-15 min on the ball machine to see if I make any progress.

So not a bad first go around, some quick decisions and current standings.

1. Technifibre
2. Donnay P1
4. Formula 100
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