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Saw him play doubles against Lendl/Gomez in 1984.

Up against the world number one and two, he looked pretty comfortable. One close set and a tie break set. It was carpet - Lendl must have realised his chances of winning WO were disappearing.
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Saw him play doubles (with Mike Leach?, maybe) at Wimbledon against Wilander and Nystrom in 1985.

Becker hit the ball so hard, the Swedes could not believe it. They kept mumbling (in English) "just wait him out, and soon he will be exhausted."

(Wilander and Nystrom won it in 1986.)
Funny you mention doubles with Becker. The most enjoyable doubles match I've seen in person was the Becker-Zivojinovic against Noah-Leconte match in the Grandstand at Flushing Meadow in 1985. My wife and I loved the stunning rallies. Believe it or not we both felt Becker was playing at the lowest level in that match although he was playing well. The Grandstand was packed. It was great doubles. Becker was already the Wimbledon champion. Four huge servers.
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