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Angry Should I be concern now?

I recently purchased a racquet from this seller on Dec. 29, 2012. That's when I deposit the payment to his pp account. I've send out several emails requesting shipment details so I know when to expect to receive the package. On Saturday (12/29), he said that he'll email me when he ship the racquet. Monday comes around (12/31), and yet to receive any email from the seller. He emailed me this past Tuesday that he didn't make it to the post office on time to ship it the previous day (12/31). He said that he was going to ship it this Wednesday. I didn't receive an email from him on Wednesday. This Thursday, I had a speeding ticket. I emailed him stating that if he has yet to ship the package, then I would rather get my pp deposit refunded. Interestingly, he emailed me back saying that he already ship my item. That Thursday, I've sent out several emails requesting the details of the shipment (USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc.) and wanting a confirmation of the package so that I can track it. As of today, I still have yet to receive any communication from this seller and I don't know where's my package.

From my perspective, I deposit money into his pp account on 12/29. It would be nice to have receive timely communication and courteous to have the package ship in a timely fashion as well. I know we all have busy lives and so do I. All I ask is just a smooth transaction. All of you know that I've always provide timely communication and confirmation on all my service.

Please let me know your thoughts and Fearsome Forehand, I might need your help on this. It might be too early now but I don't know when I'll be getting my package. He claims it was ship on Wednesday (01/02/2013). That's all I know.
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