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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
it's a good suggestion, but I dislike Head and Volkl grip shapes.

PP....this is not unlike your recent switch due to your wrist issues. I don't knwo why people insist on always making the "any racquet will be fine with this..." argument???
I havent switched racquets due to my wrist in a while. But i dont see the similarity. Now if you are saying that your current racquet hurts you, that's one thing. But there is no reason you cant do what you want with your current stick. Its not meant for one style of play. A 1hander can be hit with any stick. Why not use the one you have and develop the stroke first and then if you still want to switch, do it then?

It will save you a lot of time to do it this way because you are already familiar with what you are using.

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