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Originally Posted by Clemson_tennis View Post
Nothing surprising in the rankings. Only oddity is Fresno State dropping so low.
Fresno State should feel fortunate to be ranked that high. They lost their top 5 from last year with 3 being seniors (#1 Boutillier,#3 Diame,#4 Ayoun), #2 Alcantara transferring to Pepperdine, and #5 Leslie leaving the team. Their coach, Jay Udwadia, left to take the Oklahoma State job and with him went their #1 mid-major recruiting class since Del Nunzio followed him to Okie St and Boris Arias went to LSU. Not sure where the other 2 ended up but it wasn't Fresno State.

They currently only have 4 players on their roster who went a combined 16-29 in the fall though they've got 2 International recruits joining the team in January. New coach Evan Austin, who came from Drake, will have a tough year. Interesting tidbit: Jay Udwadia came to Fresno State from Drake too so evidentally their must be something good happening in Des Moines.
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