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Originally Posted by Headshotterer View Post
how likely is it to get Ambien etc?

And I know that this drug is addicting

My GP referred me to a sleep doctor, but there are no appointments and I go back to school next week! And for me, weed is hard to get and my parents would get mad. I truly believe prescriptions will only help me.
very likely
it's not that addicting
sleep doctor is the way to go for sure

i have taken just about every single sleep drug imaginable, had severe insomnia for 2-3 years, i recommend starting on something to help you sleep, but get off the drugs as soon as possible
as for Team Green, take all you want and if sleep is ruining your life, your parents will understand you cause

i would love to help you out with insomnia as i have been through potentially the worst of it and am no sleeping 3-4 hours a night with no medicine and still improving

no matter how tired you are get out of bed at the same time every morning (preferably early, 6-8am ish), take a nap in the middle of the day for 20-30 minutes if you feel the need to, and exercise like ferrer
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