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Originally Posted by LittleTinGoddess View Post
With all the running the players do on the court, I'm guessing their legs and heart are in good enough shape to do the times I mentioned if they're also lightweight enough. Nadal would probably be too bulky to pull it off.
Ferrer is remarkably fit, so I don't doubt he'd be a decent 5k runner. I'm not a distance runner, so I don't know what a really good time is.

I know Ferrer runs, because I saw him and Lopez jogging once as I pulled into the big grass parking area behind the stadium at Indian Wells. But he certainly just seemed to be doing a little exercise and wasn't doing a 5 minute pace mile.

I believe we can say with certainty that most professional tennis players would do better in the 5k than most amateur athletes. Even if they don't run distance, there's a lot of cardio developed during the daily tennis practices.
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