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Originally Posted by 10ismom View Post
There are many athletic big kids I have seen over the years. It is more of a result of exposure to multiple sports and activities.
Kids who play several sports, riding bike, skating/rollerblading, playing basketball, throwing football, etc when they are under 10 do better (after 10) than kids who practice solely tennis.
Tennis is a skilled sport and athletic kids can catch up once they spend enough hours to learn tennis skills.

Don't give big size as an excuse of being clumsy.
Get the big kids active and involve in many sports and you will see no difference between big and smaller kids. Look up youtubes of Jerzy Janowicz a 6 ft 8 inch guy playing tennis and compare with John Isner and Sam Querrey.
My son isn't "clumsy". He certainly doesn't have the footwork this kid has. He has coordination to ride Ripstiks and pogo sticks. He's not quick. Maybe it will change. Maybe it won't. When you are 99th height and weight, it's good and bad.

I agree that you can't just say "Oh, he's big so no need to tell him to move fast". I'm sure the kid in the video worked hard to get his footwork going.
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