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Default The possible explanation for players leaving Nike...

The number of players leaving or getting dropped by Nike might be explained by what is happening on the other side of the country club...check the golf course.

From MyGolfSpy.Com

"To understand why this time is different, you need a very rudimentary understanding of how money gets divvied up at Nike. Every year the different segments (golf, football, basketball, etc.) make their plans and plead their cases to the corporate decision makers. And year after year the bulk of the money goes to football (metric) and basketball and other sports where RZN isnít. This year, however; things are different. More money than ever before has been allocated to the golf division, which is going to allow Nike Golf to do things it has never been able to do before (like compete with TaylorMade dollar for dollar)."

Nike Golf is making a strong push this year into the golf market which not only includes a new club lineup, but 5 new athletes being added to their roster. The largest being a man who is no stranger to tennis. BF (maybe finacee) of former no.1 WTA player Caroline Wozniacki is Rory McIlroy who is rumored to be joining Nike Jan. 14th to the tune of $200 million dollars.

My golf contacts tell me that his money is being paid by Nike Inc and not Nike Golf. So if Nike is pushing Golf this year, some money had to be pulled back. The signs are there that the money is being cut in the tennis world. They are carrying over the Court Ballistec and Vapor 9 for another year. Something that hasn't been done by them in a long long time. Usually we get a new Vapor or secondary shoe every year. Now we see a diminished presence by them on Tour.

Most interesting...for a long time I have heard that the Golf industry is shrinking...what does this say about the Tennis industry?
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