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So my blue chip daughter switched coaches. It was an easy transition. However, she has always won based on her power and aggressiveness. Old coach encouraged this type of game. My girl is strong and tall and athletic. New coach says she has a one dimensional game. He wants to add more slice, drop shots, rally balls to give her more of a game. We watched Ana konjuh and she has variety. What do you think? Change game or keep what works? She is 14 now. Will she need more for college or just keep pounding and placing the ball?
Since you will get as many answers as there are posters and you seem to have a good understanding of the game, take your daughter to as many college matches as you can starting now. That way you can see what is happening in the college game first hand and she/you/coach can decide if you want to bring in new parts to her game or not. Never too early to check out colleges, just do it during season so you can catch a match. Since she is blue chip, check out any D1 college match anytime you can.

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