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Originally Posted by Vrad View Post
If Djokovic drops out of the FO 3 weeks before the tournament begins because of a stomach virus, but is seen practicing on hard courts 2 weeks before the tourney, he would deserve the same crap.

Nadal isn't getting crap for not winning outside clay (at least in this thread). He is getting crap for not even showing up.
But Nadal didn't drop out of the AO because of the virus. It just disrupted his training and he was going to have way to little before the virus. It wasn't even a sure thing at all he was going to play Doha and the AO before the virus. He had said his knee wasn't quite right.

And he's been sick for almost two weeks, so now he's feeling better. Nothing strange about it.

Originally Posted by namelessone View Post
Because they have no consistent position, they just re-posture themselves according to what Nadal is doing at the moment in order to further their trolling/hating behavior. Nothing more, nothing less.

Some of them are still asking "where did Nadal's USO 2010 serve go?" in order to prove his doping.
Lol, so true.

Originally Posted by Feather View Post
Unfortunately the same is applicable to you when the topic is Federer
Are you serious?, you cannot compare what I post about Federer and what Mike posts about Nadal.
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