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Originally Posted by jonestim View Post
On your 18x20 EXO3 Tour - 3g total lead at 2/10 to get the swingweight up to the Diablo. Add 10-12g of lead at the top of the grip under the finishing tape to add overall weight and make it slightly more head light. I use 1/2" lead for this instead of the normal 1/4". String it about 5lbs higher than you do the Diablo to bring the launch angle down.

All of my EXO3 Tours have lead. I don't need it on my Diablo Mid or POGs.
I might give that a shot. I want to clarify that 3g total lead at 2/10 = 1.5g at each point?
Prince Response 97 - With 1.5 grams at 3 and 9 each.
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