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I have to agree with TCF on this. USTA is a private entity , not a governmental organization. Furthermore, your football fan analogy is flawed becuase you are not just a fan of the event, you are a participant and a guardian and/or affiliate of a participant in the event. It's more like you are a player for the 49'rs and not being allowed to wear a Cowboys jersey.

You and your player sign an agreement to abide by USTA rules in
order to play in the event. You do not have to sign this agreement or play USTA events. But if the rules say you to have to do hand stands and sing a Bette Midler song after you get aced, and you signed the agreement, than you gotta sing.

It's still a ridiculous policy, but I don't think it a first amendment case. As I said, if the event were held on public courts, than any stranger walking by could videotape the players and there would be no legal way to stop them. Not so if the event were at a private facility though.
I think this is spot on. And I will take it a step further.

Tournament in Mobile, Alabama which is run in a big public space has special southern USTA rules on dress code.
If you want to play in this USTA event, then you must follow their dress code.

No vollyeball shorts, video, etc = it's their rules if you want to play.
I think this is a dead issue for a lawsuit.

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