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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
yeah, absolutely, serve is quite a bit more powerful , groundstrokes a bit more powerful as well ....

but then federer has quite a bit more powerful serve and more powerful FH but it hasn't done him a whole lot of good against nadal on clay, has it ?
True enough but that backhand of Guga is something, especially on red clay. That's a big difference maker. Still makes me sad to think of Guga and his bad hip that forced him to retire.

Incidentally Laver could really get red hot on red clay also with no pun intended. I saw him play a young Borg in 1974 when Laver was pass his best and beat Borg in a great match. Great variety by Laver in that match. In 1975 Borg beat Laver on har tru in four sets at the US Open. A match I could have gone to but a friend begged me to play him in singles that day and I give in. It was a bad decision on my part.
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