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First i thought you have a very nice whipping action but now i see that you lock your wrist back when you take your backswing. This is okay but mostly WTA players and classic hitters use that technique called a push forehand. Your takeback trajectory is more suitable to a pull style modern forehand and you can achieve this by pronating your forearm and leeding with your elbow during the backswing. When you pronate, you need to supinate to hit the ball and that supination will leave the racquet behind and create the lag effect if it is started with a strong body turn. Somebody explains it like pulling the racquet butt towards the ball. Fed and most of the ATP players excluding delpo using that technique. Especially Mardy Fish one explains the action very well and simple. Look how the racquet goes behind when he supinates his forearm back;

Of course you can choose to stay with your own technique but if you do that, i suggest you to take a bigger and continuous loop to gain more momentum and racquet head speed. Your stroke is something like a WTA stroke with an ATP takeback. Choose either WTA or ATP and continue your way.
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