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Originally Posted by YesTennis View Post
You may want to give the Prestige S another try. Very close in the specs you're looking for. I've got one strung with gut main/poly cross. Great, arm friendly, combo for this frame.
So I tried to press Prestige S at lunch today. I rather liked it a lot. The one I had was strong with a multi and it felt pretty soft and had decent hour. One Hanback cans were nice with it as was groundstrokes. I took it for the weekend To demo some more. The weight and balance are perfect for what I am looking for. My main concern is that damn grip shape, but I guess I will adjust to it it wasn't so bad.

Have you had any more success with other string set ups besides got and Pauly? Have you tried a multi with a poly cross? You Definitely need to keep the tension low on this racket to get some pop out of it. Will see how it goes this weekend but I think the prestige s moved into the list of possibilities. The Donnay Pro 197 is the other front runner. I really wish there was a Wilson racket that fit the specs I am looking for but there doesn't seem to be one? Someone suggested the pro staff 95 which is okay but very thin beam And probably too low powered for me. The other Wilson possibility is the BLX six 1 95 team with some lead way to make it heavier. We'll see how that one goes too.
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