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Default Are you back on the cout, et? i love Fischers, too!

I read you sig and hope that you have recovered and are playing again!
I had become confined to a wheelchair, ( I really HATE that word, confined!) in 2000, and only since last May,, have I decided to get back into the gae! I started teaching kids in my neighborhood, how to play and gave most of them their 1st racquets, too!
Call it a "message for God, or a small stroke (haha) but one day it just came to me.."I should get some cheap racquets on **** and show these kids how to have FUN!"
i just got a Fischer Mag Tour UL from an **** seller, for $16.50 and he also included a Head Liquidmetal 5, for FREE!
I have afischer M-Pro 98 334 gm version, which is not powerfull enough for me now, since I use a sports w/c and have found that bigger frames are better, now.
I stll like to BELT IT, but you can generate as much "easy power" sitting down.
I HAVE been finding other solutions, too. Check out my other posts, especially the "Frankenstring" one!
hope you are back to participating in the sport we all love!
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